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Get huge yields from smart, safe, and secure property investments in the UK.

With prices starting at £73,088, Northgate Point offers a fully-managed hands-off UK property investment, with a 40% net investment return over 5 years.

Providing individually-designed luxury studio apartments for the next generation of UK and overseas students living in the sought after city of Chester. Please fill out the form below to find out more information, get floor plans, and individual unit prices.

Northgate Point now open for all eligible investors

Cash Investment – Starting at just £75,700

Fantastic 8% NET yields assured for 5 years

Yields starting from a whopping £5820 per annum

Prime Location: just 200m from Chester City Centre

Individually-designed luxury studio apartments and live/work units

Quick Investment Snapshot:

Starting at just £75,700

Fantastic 8% NET yields

Whopping £5820 PA

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